Our business stream includes the below services. With regard to these or other services that we may be able to assist you with please contact ENB today.



  • Project scoping and planning including preparation of timelines and deliverable schedules, coordination of resources;
  • Preparation of project health and safety plans, preparation of induction forms and presentations;
  • Review of health and safety and quality control issues, developing procedures and implementing strategies for a safer work environment;
  • Preparation of application forms and access permits, dial before you dig searches and other relevant searches;
  • Coordination and management of resources such as staff, subcontractors, consumables and equipment;
  • Liaisons with client, third parties and government departments;
  • Provision of progress reports and more..



  • Environmental management plans;
  • Site based management plans;
  • Environmental compliance monitoring and reporting;
  • Environmental baseline studies and data management;
  • Environmental approvals and licensing;
  • Environmental impact assessment;
  • Environmental management systems (EMS) and more..

Where required, we can provide environmental management site induction to manage environmental impacts and health and safety risks associated with for example remediation of contamination.



  • Assessment and investigation of domestic, commercial, industrial or agricultural land for contamination;
  • Monitoring of soil properties within an on site wastewater (septic/treatment plant) disposal area;
  • Acid sulphate soil investigation and management plans;
  • Soil erosion assessment and management and more..



  • Rain tank water quality testing;
  • Surface water (dams, creeks, rivers, stormwater drainage system and irrigation channels) quality testing;
  • Water compliance monitoring;
  • Testing of treatment effectiveness and more..



  • Groundwater quality testing for domestic, commercial and agricultural supply;
  • Groundwater quality monitoring to assess contamination arising from industrial or agricultural sources or application of wastewater to land;
  • Groundwater monitoring to assess impacts of development;
  • Monitoring of groundwater injection systems;
  • Compliance monitoring and more..



  • Undertaking condition surveys of existing on site wastewater treatment (septic/treatment plant) and land application system;
  • Preliminary site assessment, design and inspections during installation of new on site wastewater system (including provision of Form 8 where necessary);
  • Compliance testing including wastewater quality and quantity;
  • Treatment process testing and more..



  • Closed and operational landfill assessments;
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting;
  • Waste audits;
  • Waste minimisation and more..


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While ENB Consulting operates Queensland wide, our office is strategically located in Bundaberg from where we can respond promptly to service regional areas including:



    Burnett South;

    Burnett North;

    Fraser Coast; and