Why ENB Consulting

ENB Consulting live by 5 principles, these are:



As a small business we are able to customise our services to individual needs by investing time to get to know our clients and their project requirements.



With over 31 years combined experience in the environment and wastewater industry together with continual career development, training and networking undertaken by our staff enriches the quality of work delivered. Adapting our safe work methods and quality assurance/quality control procedures specifically to each project provides a peace of mind for our clients.



To achieve the best value for our clients and the environment, ENB Consulting operates mainly online. This means that expensive corporate overheads are not passed on to or clients. Where face to face meetings are preferred ENB Consulting can meet clients in our meeting rooms, on site or at the clients preferred location.



We promote environmental awareness not only by providing options to our clients for environmentally friendly and innovative solutions but also through leading by example.

Where possible we support the greener options and ENB is currently:

  • undertaking recycling of home and office waste products;
  • printing on 100% recycled and Australian owned paper (double sided where appropriate);
  • using green web site hosting service; and
  • making contributions toward green energy.



We seek support by engaging local business and buying local products not only to help stimulate economic growth in the region we are working in but because we value local knowledge.



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While ENB Consulting operates Queensland wide, our office is strategically located in Bundaberg from where we can respond promptly to service regional areas including:



    Burnett South;

    Burnett North;

    Fraser Coast; and